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Callmars is a holistic marketing agency specialized
in marketing planning, marketing consultation
and digital marketing services.
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Your marketing home Our story is yours.

Marketing Planning

Setting your company’s direction is not an easy task; with our team, we assure to put you on the right track. Maybe your business have strong strategy but lacks creativity and uniqueness or you may have a good business ideas but you don't have a marketing plan yet; in both conditions we provide you with the right and suitable marketing plan for your business.

Digital Services

Your digital presence is your customers’ window to know how great your business is. We manage all your digital activities from social media to website developing to make your business profile incredibly amazing and maximize your success.

Marketing Consultation

Small marketing consultation can have a huge impact on your business. We can arrange marketing consultation and help your business grow more and build your brand because your success is our success.


We put our clients' interests and goals first! Deliver information is more about sociology than just knowledge, it's the art of information delivery to each individual. We are specialized in marketing training for your staff.


Premium Service We insure that this will lead to more profit.


Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


Starting from

New challenges

At this rapid age, it is very easy to establish a company but globalization makes competition difficult than ever. Doing the right marketing will be the key to your success; but not just any marketing, we mean a different unforgettable marketing. That’s your right way to lead. Our mission is to grow our partners business differently.

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Why Callmars

Why us?

We have helped companies of different magnitude to build their brands and stand out from the crowd in the marketplace. This was done with creative ideas and well-crafted marketing communication campaigns, if you want to know why choose us, kindly ask our clients, read our reviews and look into their recommendations.

" The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. "
Peter F. Drucker

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التسويق س و ج
CallMars Dec 14, 2016

التسويق س و ج-الجزء الرابع

  أولئك الذين يملكون المعلومة لديهم الأفضلية علي من لا يملكونها! هل تستطيع السير معصوب العينين؟ إذا كانت إجابتك أنك لا تستطيع, فأنت بالتأكيد تدرك...

اسألنا اى سؤال فى الماركتنج-راوند 2
CallMars Dec 12, 2016

اسألنا اى سؤال فى الماركتنج-راوند 2

  اسألنا اى سؤال فى الماركتنج-راوند 2   when choosing "engagement" in facebook ads manager it shows this message "this featur...

ازاي تكسب ملايين من كلب مريض؟
CallMars Nov 29, 2016

ازاي تكسب ملايين من كلب مريض؟

لو عندك حيوان أليف مريض، هل هتحاول تتخلص منه؟ ولا هتعالجه؟ ولا ممُكن بسبب مرضه دة تفكر في بيزنس كبير جدًا وتكسب منه، طيب شوف فرنك و موريس عملوا ايه. &...

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